Every Event Planner’s Best Friend – Why Your Tech Partner Matters

The time and effort that goes into planning and organising a successful event is not to be sniffed at. To anyone who has ever worked in professional event planning, it probably comes as no surprise that Event Coordinator is ranked in the top ten most stressful jobs out there.

Tight deadlines, sticking to budgets, handling an army of suppliers, arranging exhibits and speakers, marketing, promotion and, in the midst, of it all worrying constantly about whether anyone will turn up all add up to a high pressure occupation.

The people who thrive in this high octane environment tend to relish the daily adrenalin rush and the rich sense of satisfaction when everything comes together in the end.

But even the most hardened planners are allowed a helping hand to take up some of the strain. These days, the best help an event coordinator can get is from their event technology partner.

The Role of Event Tech

Digital technology has been rapidly changing every aspect of our lives, for the fundamental reason that technology makes things quicker, easier and more efficient. This is exactly the role it has to play in event planning and coordination, providing a wide range of tools to help with the myriad tasks that go into organising and running an event.

This is why choosing an event technology partner has become one of the critical decisions an event organiser needs to make. Specialist third party providers hold the keys to accessing the right digital tools for your event. Their expertise is what will bring you the right gear to ensure smoother planning and an enriched visitor experience.

Taking time to choose an event tech partner carefully, to find a provider who will focus on the specific needs of your event as much as show in depth knowledge of the latest tech trends, can make an enormous difference in lowering the stress levels in event planning.

How Event Tech Helps

One of the great pluses of technology in all kinds of work is the ability it has to streamline processes, saving people time and money. Integrated event tech solutions can literally draw together the various strings that go into event management – invitee and registration lists, programmes, schedules, marketing materials, signage, even supplier contracts – and manage them from a single, easy to use software platform.

In practice, these kind of integrated consoles allow you to update registration lists, message attendees, change information on digital signage, and manage in-app content all at the touch of a button from a single place. It makes delivering a full end-to-end service for your clients that much easier. Software tools makes straightforward the whole process of gaining quotes, making bookings, managing budgets, all the way through to conducting post event analysis against key performance metrics, meaning you as an event planner can add value to your offer.

Having the tools to run every aspect of event management for your client, and be able to show them proof of ROI at the end of it, will enhance your reputation. With event tech on your side, you can win more bids and grow your business. That is why your technology partner really is every planner’s best friend.

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