Future Proof
Your School
with WiFi 6

Future Proof Your School with WiFi 6

Give your students and teachers the best education experience. Power your wireless LAN with the new generation of WiFi.

Simpli-Fi have parternd with Cambium Networks to offer schools the best chance of securing funding for a WiFi upgrade.

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One-to-one adoption and more reliance on cloud-based apps and solutions mean more internet-connected devices than ever in schools and colleges. Add to this an increasing use of immersive learning technologies, like augmented and virtual reality, and it’s easy to see why wireless networks are under strain.
WiFi 6 is built to handle all these technologies at the same time. Upgrading your school or college’s wireless LAN to WiFi 6 will improve the experience for students, teachers and other school staff. It will ultimately help to future proof your digital transformation.

    What our Schools say

    “We engaged Simpli-Fi 4 years ago when we were in the process of planning the infrastructure for our new state of the art school building. The Simpli-Fi team were invaluable in the planning stages, ensuring that our infrastructure was designed to support a system that was critical to the technology we use for our teaching and learning pathway. As a SEND school, we use an array of adaptive and assistive technology that is crucial for some of our students and enhances the learning experience for others. The Simpli-Fi WiFi service has been a welcome addition to our tech service portfolio, ensuring our network is always optimised and secure.”

    Mark O’Brian

    Chief Operating Officer

    What are the benefits of WiFi 6

    WiFi 6 provides reliable wireless coverage across your entire school. Benefits include:

    More Reliable

    It provides a consistent, dependable network for seamless connectivity.

    More Capacity

    It transmits more data to more users than previous WiFi standards.

    More Bandwidth

    It achieves speeds up to four times faster than previous WiFi generations.

    Enhanced Security

    Its improved WiFi Protected Access (WPA3) makes it harder for hackers to access your data.

    Enhanced Features

    It has improved device battery efficiency. Better WiFI coverage and support make it ideal for IoT devices.

    Simpli-Fi and Cambium Networks working in partnership

    We’ve partnered with Cambium Networks to offer your school or college world-class WiFi performance and reliability. Working with Cambium Networks, we can provide a complete WiFi 6 wireless solution. This includes hardware like access points and wireless controllers, as well as the technical services you’ll need to survey, plan and install your new Wireless Local Area Network.

    Whether or not you receive the DfE funding through the Connect The Classroom scheme, we’ll help you create the very best wireless solution in your school based on your requirements and budget. From a full site survey to specification and delivery, our team of Education Specialists are here to guide you through the process.

    How do I check if my school qualifies for funding?

    Step 1

    Confirm you qualify
    Look for an invitation from the DfE. if you have not received one, contact the DfE. You may be required to submit a bid. We can help you with this.

    Step 2

    Talk to one of our education experts

    Complete our form and a specialist will be in touch. We will arrange an initial consultation, followed by a survey to understand the specific needs of your school, including current infrastructure, layout and any physical building challenges that we need to consider with the design.

    Step 3

    Our recommendations

    We will provide you with a full upgrade proposal based on the outcome of our consultation and survey. We will take into account the available budget and specific timelines for your project.

    Step 4

    Apply for funding
    We will assist you to submit you application for funding to the DfE. We will work with our partner Cambium to ensure your application is in line with the DfE funding criteria.

    Step 5

    Begin your WiFi project

    With funding secured, our team will work with you to develop a project plan that ensures there is minimum disruption to your teaching and learning.

    Step 6

    Installation and onboarding
    Our team are education specialists and understand how to work with our school clients to install your upgrade with minimum fuss. Once installed, we will ensure it’s as easy as pushing a button for your whole team to enjoy your new generation WiFi.

    Let us get you better connected

    The technology behind WiFi 6