Simpli-Fi joins frameworks, designed to innovate public sector procurement

Simpli-Fi Managed WiFi is now an approved supplier of the Everything ICT and Everything FM frameworks. These frameworks are the fast, compliant, and flexible solution that enables the delivery of a broad range of facilities management and ICT services to the education and public sector.

Why join procurement frameworks?

The Simpli-Fi team are always looking for ways to improve how we do business and exploring how we can best support our clients, which is why we decided to join these frameworks. Both frameworks offer schools and other public sector organisations the opportunity to directly appoint suppliers, quickly and compliantly, without going out to tender.

They also allow clients to select a new supplier through an efficient mini-competition process, where only three of the most appropriate suppliers are invited to provide proposals, reducing bidding time and costs.

Who can use these frameworks?

Open to all public sector bodies and organisations, there are no barriers to finding out how we can address any legacy WiFi performance issues within your operation, school, or trust. You can now benefit from joining the hundreds of schools and organisations nationwide that rely on Simpli-Fi to keep their critical wireless infrastructure optimised.

What does our new status mean for our clients?

By joining the supply chain of Everything FM and Everything ICT frameworks, Simpli-Fi has already demonstrated they have the requisite know-how, experience, business processes, policies, and financial standing to deliver computer FM and ICT services across the UK.

Gary Exall, Managing Director of Simpli-Fi:I’m delighted to have been approved to provide products and services on these frameworks. The work we have done as a provider means that we were fully vetted and tested in advance of being approved to join them. This enables our existing clients to access our services directly, and new clients to work with us, without any fear of procedural or contractual challenges.  Our whole ethos is about applying market-leading expertise into schools and public sector organisations, and now we can make the journey to working with us easier and more secure for everyone.”

What are the benefits of using the frameworks?

  • Responsive & Effective Procurement
  • Risk-Free
  • Cost Free
  • Best Pricing Guaranteed
  • Hassle-free contract renewals

Dee Uppal, Head of Managed Services, Simpli-Fi: “So many of our clients are concerned about making sure they get their procurement ‘right’ and worry about making sure they have not exposed themselves to any challenges from suppliers when the outcomes of these procurements are shared. Now, with these two frameworks, that risk is taken away, and I look forward to advising everyone we currently work with and will work with, to go through these two proven procurement pathways.”

“Quite simply, Everything FM gives control to our clients by allowing customers to obtain the best value for money based upon their requirements and not those that are pre-determined by the framework operator.  It removes unnecessary bureaucracy and creates a time-efficient route for procurement, which delivers enhanced ROI for all parties.”

Claire Delaney, Managing Director, Everything FM

For more information on how to start your journey to a more secure and effective wireless network configuration and management solution for your organisation contact Dee Uppal.

We look forward to working with you.

Download the Everything FM Brochure

Download the Everything ICT Brochure For The Public Sector

Download the Everything ICT Brochure For Education

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