Simpli-Fi partners with ClassVR to help schools see the benefits of incorporating VR into their digital learning

Simpli-Fi's managed WiFi service for education supports the use of technical innovation in the classroom, which is why we have partnered with ClassVR to help schools see the benefits of incorporating VR into their digital learning.

Why partner with Class VR?

What are the benefits of Virtual Reality in Education?

  • Increase knowledge area.
  • Active experience rather than just passive information.
  • Helps to understand complex concepts, subjects, or theories.
  • No distractions while the study.
  • Boosts students’ creativity.
  • Expands learner’s efficiency to gain knowledge.

What is ClassVR?

According to Forbes extended reality in the form of AR and V R will change the way we learn at school. 

ClassVR is the award-winning virtual reality solution designed specifically for education. From its standalone VR headset, curriculum-aligned resources and teacher controls, ClassVR provides everything you need to implement virtual reality into the classroom. Using ClassVR, students are able to visit impossible places, visualise complex concepts and experience things they could never imagine, all in truly immersive VR experiences.

Learning through experience is one of the most effective ways for students to learn, which is why hundreds of schools across the UK are utilising virtual reality in their lessons to raise engagement and increase knowledge retention with VR.

To discover how easy it is to plan and deliver VR & AR lessons, send specific playlists for students to explore, or allow them to experience VR at their own pace.

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What our schools say

“By incorporating VR into aspects of our planning we have been able to deepen the learning and meaningful understanding of our children of our children’s experiences at school. Is that not, in essence, what education is meant to do?”

Simon Luxford-Moore, Head of e-Learning, Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools.

The Power of Virtual Reality

Did you know we retain 10% of what we read but up to 90% of what we experience? To learn how schools are adding value to education with VR and AR?

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Find out how Simpli-Fi can support your transition to digital learning.

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